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Trucking / Towing Insurance Covers:

  • Liability Coverage – Covers bodily injury claims, financial support for medical expenses, and property damage.
  • Physical Damage – Covers damage to your own vehicle during an accident or because of another incident, as well as vandalism, theft, or severe weather.
  • Garage Liability – Coverage for others, both bodily injury and property, while in or around the customers vehicle.
  • Garage Keepers – Provide coverage against damages sustained while the vehicle is in your care, custody, and control. These damages may include theft, vandalism, fire, water, or collision.
  • On-Hook Insurance – Protect your business from damages to a vehicle that you do not own. This will provide coverage while hooked to the tow truck.
white tow truck insured by Granite Risk Advisors

Choose Granite Risk Advisors for Trucking / Towing Insurance:

  • Reliability of Service – You will get the personalized, caring attention your business deserves. Get a live person on the phone every time you call.
  • Fast & Accurate Quotes – Complete the Quote Request Form and receive a fast and accurate quote. An expert insurance agent will quickly contact you.
  • Multiple Programs – We offer a multitude of insurance programs for trucking companies of all risk profiles including start-ups, hired and non owned.
  • Expert Agents – Our experienced agents understand the needs of tow truck owners and operators. We have a thorough understanding of this specialty segment.
  • No Risk or Obligation – Our experienced staff is happy to review your current coverage and advise you on money savings ideas and coverage gaps that you may be missing.

Trucking / Towing Insurance Fast & Accurate Quotes

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