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Your business works hard to help other people. Your customers trust you with their cars, but there are a lot of risks that go along with operating a tow truck business. Whether you have a couple of trucks or an entire fleet, we can help you make sure that you’re protected from all the possible disasters that could hit your business. From wreckers to rollbacks, we’ve seen it all.


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Trucking / Towing Insurance Covers:

There are many different types of coverage that you can consider for your company, and we get that it’s overwhelming. Typically, you’re looking at needing coverages like:


Auto liability

Covers bodily injury claims, financial support for medical expenses, and property damage

Physical Damage

Covers damage to your own vehicle during an accident or because of another incident, as well as vandalism, theft, or severe weather

General Liability

Coverage for others, both bodily injury and property, while in or around the customers vehicle

Garagekeeper's Coverage

Provide coverage against damages sustained while the vehicle is in your care, custody, and control. These damages may include theft, vandalism, fire, water, or collision


On-Hook/In-Tow Coverage

Protect your business from damages to a vehicle that you do not own. This will provide coverage while hooked to the tow truck

We want to make the process of insuring your tow truck company as easy and painless as possible, and we want to help you feel more secure knowing that you’ve got the coverage you need.

Who Needs Tow Truck Coverage?

Protect yourself if the unimaginable happens.

There are lots of businesses that have tow trucks at the ready. You might be a tow truck company, or you might be a repair shop that offers towing services. If your business is one of the above, we recommend you think about getting tow truck insurance. There are a lot of moving parts (no pun intended—okay, maybe a little) when it comes to your tow trucks. First, there are the trucks themselves. Then, more importantly, there are the drivers. There are also the cars that your trucks transport. As if that wasn’t enough, your business might keep your clients’ cars on the premises while they’re being repaired, which causes additional risk. But not to worry—each of these are potential risks that we would love to help your company prepare for.


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Reliability of Service

You will get the personalized, caring attention your business deserves. Get a live person on the phone every time you call.

Multiple Programs

We offer a multitude of insurance programs for trucking companies of all risk profiles including start-ups, hired and non owned.

No Risk or Obligation

Our experienced staff is happy to review your current coverage and advise you on money savings ideas and coverage gaps that you may be missing.

Fast & Accurate Quotes

Complete the Quote Request Form and receive a fast and accurate quote. An expert insurance agent will quickly contact you.

Expert Agents

Our experienced agents understand the needs of tow truck owners and operators. We have a thorough understanding of this specialty segment.


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Types of filings for Georgia

We know that all tow truck businesses are different.

Whether you’re a two-man crew operating with one truck or you’re managing a fleet with many drivers and trucks, we’ll help you out and get you the coverage you need.

No matter what kind of towing operation you are, each state has different insurance requirements for tow truck and wrecker businesses. We know the insurance coverages that you’re required by law to have in Georgia, and we’ll make sure that you’re good to go in the eyes of the law. Plus, we’ll help you understand what your coverage includes and help cover any gaps that might come from exclusions in your policies. We want to make sure that you’re completely protected from anything that the road could throw at you.

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