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Get the right business insurance solution for both new and existing businesses. Granite Risk Advisors will work closely with you to determine the exact amount of affordable coverage needed to ensure that your business is well protected.

Restaurants & Liquor Liability

Any business that manufactures, serves, sells, or facilitates the purchase or use of alcohol opens itself up to the occupational hazard of someone getting inebriated to the point where damages or injuries result. While it makes sense that the intoxicated patron should be at fault, the fact of the matter is establishments that serve alcohol can be held liable for injuries and damages that occur from their patrons’ intoxicated conduct.

Claims made as a result of injuries or damages caused by inebriated persons can be steep. For this reason, liquor liability insurance is recommended to protect such establishments from potential financial losses arising from litigation involving alcohol-related damages. To this end, many states now require businesses who sell alcohol to carry liquor liability coverage.

Liquor liability insurance is typically sold as a stand-alone liability policy or as a rider add-on to a commercial liability policy. It’s important to note, that your standard liability policy provides limited coverage for alcohol-related liability claims. A liquor liability policy will not cover sales that are sold to minors or otherwise illegal situations.

Granite Risk Advisors will work with you to ensure that  your Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage provides:

  • Assault and Battery Coverage. As you might expect, the lion’s share of alcohol-related claims filed against restaurants, bars, taverns, and hotels are the result of fights or altercations.
  • Litigation Defense Costs. Liquor liability coverage typically includes the cost of retaining a lawyer as part of the policy’s defense costs coverage.
  • Employee Coverage. Your liquor liability insurance will cover injuries to patrons or others for which you are found liable. It is a good idea to make sure your employees are covered as additional insured’s as well.
  • Mental damages. Another key coverage of liquor liability insurance is mental damages. Because injured patients often seek damages for stress, psychological, or mental damages.

Professional Advisor

There are many other coverage’s available to properly cover your business operations. Some of those coverages are: General Liability, Business Personal Property, Business Income, Equipment Breakdown, Spoilage, Employee Dishonesty, Sewer/ Drain Backup. Granite Risk Advisors is happy to assist you in determining which coverage and limits are right for your business.

Professional Offices

All businesses are required to carry workers compensation and general liability insurance. That may not be enough to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit or unfortunate event. As a business owner, it is impossible to foresee all the possible risks involved in doing business. We will guide you through the risks of your specific business and tailor your insurance coverage to match them.

Typical coverage for professional offices includes: General Liability, Equipment Breakdown, Property Coverage, Data Compromise, Business Interruption, Employment Practice Liability, Business Auto, and Malpractice.

From your practice’s state-of-the-art equipment to your electronic records, the right coverage makes it easier to protect the most important aspects of your business. Have peace of mind knowing your business is protected and covered. We protect you and your business, allowing you to focus on your operation and goals.

Electrical Contractors

Almost all businesses in the electrical trade have the need for electrician insurance. This include electrical contractors, repairmen, technicians, and construction companies. Working with electricity can be dangerous. We understands the importance of electrical contractors business insurance because we understand your risks.

Granite Risk advisors can customize your electrician insurance with coverages that could protect you from lawsuits, property damage, property loss, and more. We will help you evaluate your risks and understand what is required and needed in order to protect your bottom line in this business. We give you an advantage and produce several quotes on your behalf to make sure the coverage is adequate and the price matches your budget.

Additional Options

There are many options that you can add on to fully protect yourself and your business. These include Commercial Vehicle, Loss Of Income, Equipment Breakdown, Umbrella Liability, and Life Insurance.

Drywall/ Acoustical Ceilings

The drywall and acoustical ceiling industry is made up of workers who do many different kinds of jobs from the installation of drywall to acoustical ceiling tiles and panels, as well as drop ceilings. Lathing contractors, firestop contractors and soundproofing contractors are also included in this industry. With so many different types of jobs under the drywall and insulation umbrella, Granite Risk Advisors can help you decide which contractors insurance is suitable for your business.

Liability insurance is the most important aspect of your drywall and acoustical ceiling coverage. Legally, you cannot do commercial installation work without it and it is required to obtain and maintain state licenses.

The proper business insurance will protect your business finances against lawsuits, injuries, legal and court costs, and property damage.

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Granite Risk Advisors will help determine the business insurance solution for your business and budget. Having the appropriate insurance coverage is a crucial part of running a successful business. While unforeseen occurrences happen, Granite Risk Advisors ensures you have the coverage you need to avoid financial turmoil.